Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Good Bye to all my Thoughts as all my Striving Takes Over

It's time I started being specific.

The other day I met this woman. I actually met two women, and the fact that I say two women makes me feel like I'm calling myself a women, because of one of the two was 22. Three years older than me. If she's a woman, then I'm a woman. But that's a topic for another post...

Or maybe not.

Anyways, we met and talked about Missions. It was ordained. Perfect. A deliberate action of three people passionate about their God and their world, and striving to reach out and behave in the way we are convicted to--to reach out to the lost and point them to healing, and to encourage others on the same road that we're on.

Well, I started this post about two weeks ago now...looks like being specific will have to be saved for another time

Right now, homework and responsibility is eating me alive. And I'm ignoring my time with God. It's that grossness of His being far away only because I've wandered in a different direction...while still doing what I'm meant to do...??

I hope that the randomness and disconnectedness of this writing illustrates my life adequately.

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